Designed to be fast, intuitive and secure, OPTO is a digital contactless payment solution invented by a team of scientists and engineers to simplify life in vending.

The connection with the vending machine is established automatically without NFC, but using a patented technology based on the light of the phones’ screen.

Light frequencies are easily seen by the naked eye but are almost impossible to replicate due to the presence of ambient light surrounding the signal, making it the safest choice to transmit data.

The dedicated App enables payment with any vending machine equipped with an OPTO reader, independently from the vending operator or national borders. Top-ups can be done with cash, credit cards or other electronic payment instruments.
OPTO is the start of the vending revolution!

Remote Vend

OPTO transforms any vending machine into a safe place to enjoy a stress-free and limitless coffee break, offering operators a tool that allows to make their vending machines work in any situation, overcoming all obstacles that have arisen in the last year.

OPTO Remote Vend introduces a new revolutionary feature: the user can now select and pay for the product directly from the screen of the smartphone.

A totally innovative and contactless experience that avoids any contact of hands and fingers with the vending machine. This eliminates all health and hygiene concerns on the part of schools, companies, offices, etc.

With OPTO Remote Vend, the distributor really has all the credentials to provide a safe service from every point of view, reassuring even the most fearful: there are no more excuses to block the vending machines or limit their use.

OPTO Remote Vend is truly contactless: simply open the app and bring the phone close to the OPTO reader to initiate a secure connection with the distributor.

OPTO automatically receives information on the products that are available in the machine and displays it on the mobile phone screen. With a simple touch, the product is selected, sugar is dosed and the dispensing starts without the need to operate on the keyboard or on the touch screen of the dispenser.

Payment is simultaneous with selection and is made through certified banking channels.

The user can save his choice to speed up future purchases and reduce the risk of errors: how many times does it happen in fact to select the usual coffee and then forget to dose the sugar and end up with a "bad coffee"?

You can also make multiple purchases from the same machine without having to re-establish the connection, thus facilitating the gesture of offering a coffee to your colleagues, guaranteeing a coffee break with friends. In the event of failed sales, the amount is automatically refunded, thus reducing costly manual management.

With just one app, it is finally possible to make purchases on any vending machine, regardless of the vending machine brand and managing company: cappuccino, brioche, water and snacks in a single application, without borders.


With OPTO Remote Vend, the distributor really has all it takes to provide a safe service from every point of view, reassuring even the most fearful: there are no more excuses to block the vending machines or limit their use.



The App that increases your sales



Patented technology for color-coded
transmission through the phone’s screen

• Data and credits safely protected
on the Cloud

• Banking payments flow through
authorized channels


Fast connection, credit available
in a few seconds

Simple and intuitive for consumers

• Top-ups with bank cards and cash

Online receipt available


• Easy to install

• No modem nor SIM card required

• Compatible with any vending machine
and/or master payment system

• Integrated Paytec key reader


• Compliant with European regulations
on payments and privacy (PSD2, GDPR)

• Supports marketing and loyalty solutions

• Can be integrated with emerging payment
schemes and solutions



OPTO is a free app, compatible with smartphones Android 5.0 and higher, as well as I-Phone 7.1.2 and higher.
The simplest way is to use credit cards. Top-up is instant, safe and without additional costs.
Follow the instructions included in the app about closing an account. In a few days, all available funds will be credited back to the card you used for the last top-up. If you have also a "cash wallet", talk directly to the vending operator to get a refund.
Yes, but in order to do so you must use a Promo Card (see below), which will be handed to you by the operator. By doing this, the balance of your "cash wallet" will be available only at the vending machines of that specific operator.
It is likely that you have funds in your "cash wallet", but the vending machine you want to buy from belongs to another operator: check it out. If so, top-up with credit card: the balance will be available everywhere!
Sure. OPTO does not use NFC technology, therefore any smartphone will do, as long as it is not too old!
None. The app is free, and there are no commissions on purchases or top-ups. Guaranteed!
Ask the vending operator to install OPTO in the machines at your workplace. If he doesn't know OPTO, show it and tell him to get in touch with us!
Prices are set by the operator, but it is likely that, in order to favor cashless payments, prices with OPTO are more convenient. On top, you can receive special discounts and promotions.
When you register to OPTO, an e-money account is opened at a partner bank in the European Union. Your funds are deposited safely and you can use them at any given moment.
OPTO is a payment platform for vending. It contains a patented transmission technology, based on the light and the colors of your phone's screen. OPTO establishes a secure Bluetooth connection between the vending machine and your smartphone and lets you buy products in a practical and quick way, at the speed of light!
At any vending machine equipped with an OPTO reader. Just make sure you have data connection and Bluetooth on.
OPTO uses the latest security technologies to avoid frauds and manipulations. But should you notice something suspicious, do not hesitate to get in touch with is by writing an email to
Yes, but be aware that you can use only one "cash wallet" at a time.
For any problem, please get in touch with us by writing an email to, even if only to send us hints and suggestions!
OPTO is very careful in using personal data and closely follows European regulations on privacy. The use of data is exclusively related to the goals listed in OPTO's Privacy Policy, which you should read. You have the right to modify your authorizations in any moment.
OPTO keeps your data under maximum confidentiality. We do not sell and give away any data without your explicit consent.
No. The OPTO reader is equipped with a special frame that avoids any risk of damaging the screen of your smartphone.
First, check if the purchase has been charged to you or not. In that case, get in touch with the vending operator who owns the machine. In any case, get also in touch with us by writing an email to
If you completed a top-up with cash, get in touch with the operator who owns the vending machine. If you completed the top-up with card, also in touch with us by writing an email to
A Promo Card is a "profile” that the vending operator generates and hands over to OPTO's users. The profile contains special discounts, offers and promotions and can enable a wallet with cash top-up.
Absolutely. Top-ups will take place only with credit card though.


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